A Scene at A Common Water Tap

A Scene at A Common Water Tap :

Water taps are installed by Municipal Committees in different parts of the town for public use. The supply of water at such taps is suspended for some time. So there is a great rush in the mornings and evenings.

There is a municipals tap in our street also. Early in the morning, people flock to it to fetch water. Soon there is a long line of piles and pitchers. Small groups of men and women are seen standing by waiting for their turn. They talk about politics or social and domestic affairs. They keep a strict watch lest someone else shall usurp their turn. Some people are in a grant hurry and want to draw water out of their turn. It is resented. It often leads to quarrels. Ladies are very unscrupulous in this respect. Hot words are exchanged. From hot word they come to blow. People standing nearby try to pacify them in vain. Some mischief mongers enjoy such quarrels and encourage them.

Some women are seen sitting near the water tap, washing dirty clothes. It is annoying. Stray cattle come there to quench their thirst.

The tap keeps running for some time. All have their turn and carry home their buckets full of water. At noon the supply of water runs short and the place becomes lonely.

A Scene at A Common Water Tap