A Was An Archer

A Was An Archer :

A was a archer and shot an arrow

B was a big baker eating bread and buns

C was a captain with curly hair

D was a dreamer who rode a donkey

E was an esquire and his elegant elephant

F was a farmer having fun following his plough

G was a goat and a goose was her friend

H was a hunter and he hunted a hare

I was an idler and he would do nothing

J was a jovial judge who liked jumping a lot

K was a king who made me a knight

L was a lion leaping through the leaves

M was a merchant going to the market

N was a nanny nursing a little child

O was an onion growing under an oak

P was a pig who was smoking a pipe

Q was a quarrel with two boys of the town

R was a rat who ate poor Richard's hat

S was a sheep who was sweet but silly

T was a thoughtful tinker mending a pot

U was my uncle, who had a unicorn

V is a veteran who tells of his valour

W is a watchman who is watching his watch

X was an extravagant but exact xylophone

Y was a yawning youth who did not like yachting

Z was a zigzagging zany, a silly fool

A Was An Archer