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AAA, A shares, A 1, Abandon, Abandonment

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AAA : letters indicating that a share or bond or bank is very reliable.

• These bonds have an AAA rating.

NOTE : you say triple A

A shares : plural noun : ordinary shares with limited voting rights

A 1 : adjective :

(a) best : we sell only goods in A I condition

(b) ship which is A I at Lloyd's : ship which is in best condition according to Lloyd's Register

A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 : nouns : standard international sizes of paper.

• You must photocopy the spreadsheet on A3 paper.

• We must order some more A4 headed notepaper.

Abandon : verb :

(a) to give up or not to continue

• We abandoned the idea of selling up a New York office.

• The development programme had to be abandoned when the company ran out of cash.

To abandon an action = to give up a court case

(b) to leave (something)

• The crew abandoned the sinking ship.

Abandonment : noun : act of giving something up : abandonment of a ship = giving up a ship and cargo to the underwriters against payment for total loss

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