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Intransitive Verb

After the heavy rains for the last one week, the flood has abated to the safe level.


1. decrease

2. lessen

3. moderate

4. diminish

5. subside

6. ally

7. slacken

8. subdue

9. alleviate

10. dwindle

11. ease

12. grow less

13. reduce

Contextual Examples:

Interest in the sports is steadily decreasing.

Antiseptics lessen the chance of infection.

We must moderate our temper.

The unequivocal image diminishes gradually.

The tension generally subsides but intransigence always expands.

The Doctor gave him an injection to alleviate the pain.

Their savings have dwindled to almost nothing.

The situation is beginning toease.

The unabated rains subdued the sprits of the farmers.

He had slackened in his duties, was therefore punished.

The police tactfully allayed the commotion of the picketers.


1. Increase

2. Augment

3. extreme

4. enlarge

5. extend

6. dilate

7. sprout

8. expand

9. swell

10. grow

11. advance

12. develop

13. rise

14. ascend

15. enhance

16. deepen

17. heighten

18. intensify

19. magnify

20. aggravate

21. spread

22. disperse

23. exaggerate

Contextual Examples:

The volume of the gas increases as we decrease the pressure on it.

Dirty food augments the chances of infection.

To extreme our temper is to be invariably destructive.

It is the amplifier in a radio that magnifies the sound.

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