Abhor : Synonyms and Antonyms


Transitive verb

The foreigners who come to this country as tourists abhor the beggars who roam around the cities.


1. Hate

2. dislike

3. detest

4. loathe

5. despise

6. abominate

Contextual Examples:

We should hate sin, not the sinner.

His dislike for the type of work resulted in his very slow rise in position.

The noble person loathes crime.

The rich should not despise the poor.

The conqueror should not abominate the defeated enemy.


1. Love

2. fondness

3. liking

4. inclination

5. desire

6. admiration

7. affection

8. attachment

9. yearning

10. passion

11. devotion

12. infatuation

13. advocating

14. idolatry

Contextual Examples:

Love of humanity is the first condition of prayer to GOD.

The father developed more fondness for his second daughter due to her great care for him.

Deepak has a great attachment with his cousin, but you can not call it love.

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