Abject : Synonyms and Antonyms



The abject condition in which the poor people live caught the attention of the world body which decided to do something.


1. degraded

2. contemptible

3. miserable

4. wretched

5. base

6. mean

7. worthless

8. groveling

9. repulsive

Contextual Examples:

By indulging in such an immoral act simply to earn the money, he has very much degraded himself.

His contemptible rudeness to the guests can not be forgiven.

Poverty is the biggest bane. It makes the life of man quite miserable.

He is a wretched fellow. He does not pay attention to others’ feelings.

Greed, anger and lust are few of the base qualities of man.


1. insolence

2. arrogance

3. haughtiness

4. presumption

5. pomposity

6. snobbery

7. domineering

8. defiance

Contextual Examples:

The subordinate’s insolence made him lose his job.

Arrogance is the enemy of good education.

Haughtiness and pride always lead to failure in any walk of life.

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