Absolute: Synonyms and Antonyms


( Adjective )

When giving evidence in the court of law, we must tell the absolute truth.


1. Arbitrary

2. Compulsory

3. Haughty

4. Positive

5. Arrogant

6. Controlling

7. Imperative

8. Supreme

9. Authoritative

10. Despotic

11. Dictatorial

12. Irresponsible

13. Unconditional

14. Commanding

15. Domineering

16. Overbearing

17. Unequivocal

18. Compulsive

19. Exacting

20. Peremptory

21. Unlimited

22. imperious

23. tyrannical

24. autocratic

Contextual Examples:

Shah of Iran was an absolute monarch but the rule of Khomeini and other religious leaders is arbitrary, tyrannical, autocratic, dictatorial and over-bearing.

In India, The President is the supreme commander of all the three wings of defense-Army, Navy and Air Force.

A person of an independent spirit in inclined to resent the imperious manner in any one whose authority is not clearly felt and acknowledged.

Knowledge of an Indian language is compulsory for the Indian Civil Service officers.

Although he is an educated person, no one takes him seriously because of his haughty nature.

The politicians generally become arrogant after assuming power.

There is an imperative need to control the politicians from assuming unlimited powers to themselves. They should be made to share it with other people at large.


1. Accountable

2. Contingent

3. Lenient

4. Mild

5. Docile

6. Limited

7. Responsible

8. Complaint

9. Lowly

10. Submission

11. Conditional

12. Gentle

13. Neck

14. Yielding

15. Constitutional

16. humble

Contextual Examples:

The Prime Minister is accountable to the Parliament for the actions of his cabinet.

A contingent of twenty teams visited Bangkok to participate in the last Asian Games.

It is good to be lenient in principles but bad to be docile in practice.

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