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Accredited, Accrual, Accrue, Accumulate and Accurate

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Accredited : adjective : (agent) who is appointed by a company to act on its behalf

Accrual : noun : gradual increase by addition

Accrual of Interest = automatic addition of interest to capital

Accrue : verb : to increase and be due for payment at a later date

• Interest accrues from the beginning of the month.

• Accrued interest is added quarterly.

Accrued Dividend = dividend earned since the last dividend was paid

Acct = account

Accumulate : verb : to grow larger by adding, to allow dividends to accumulate

Accumulated Profit = profit which is not paid as dividend but is taken over into the accounts of the following year

Accurate : adjective : correct

• The sales department made an accurate forecast of sales.

• The designers produced an accurate copy of the plan.

Accurately : adverb : correctly

• The second quarter's drop in sales was accurately forecast by the computer.

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