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Accuse, Achieve, Acknowledge and Acknowledgement

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Accuse : verb : to say that someone has committed a crime

• She was accused of stealing from the petty cash box.

• He was accused of industrial espionage.

NOTE : You accuse someone of a crime or of doing something

Achieve : verb : to succeed in doing something or to do something successfully

• The company has achieved great success in the Far East.

• We achieved all our objectives in 1985.

QUOTE : The Company expects to move to profits of $ 2 millions for 1985 and achieve equally rapid growth in following years. (Financial Times)

Acknowledge : verb : to tell a sender that a letter or package or shipment has arrived

• He has still not acknowledged my letter of the 24th.

• We acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 14th.

Acknowledgement : noun : act of acknowledging

• She sent an acknowledgement of receipt.

• They sent a letter of acknowledgement.

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