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Act : noun :

(a) Law passed by a parliament which must be obeyed by the people

Companies Act (GB) = Act which rules how companies should do their business

Health and Safety at Work Act : Act which rules how the health of workers should be protected by the companies they work for

Finance Act = Annual Act of Parliament which gives the government power to raise taxes as proposed in the budget

(b) Act of God = something you do not expect to happen and which cannot be avoided (such as storms or floods)

Act : verb :

(a) to work

• To act as an agent for an American company

• To act for someone

• To act on someone's behalf

(b) to do something

• The board will have to act quickly if the company's losses are going to be reduced.

• The lawyers are acting on our instructions.

To act on a letter = to do what a letter asks to be done

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