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Acting and Action

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Acting : adjective : working in place of someone for a short time

• Acting Manager

• The Acting Chairman

Action : noun :

(a) thing which has been done

To take action = to do something

• You must take action if you want to stop people cheating you.

(b) direct action = strike or go-slow by the workforce

To take industrial action = to do something (usually to go on strike) to show that you are not happy with conditions at work

(c) case in a law court where a person or company sues another person or company

To take legal action = to sue someone

• Action for damages

• Action for libel

• Libel action

• To bring an action for damages against someone

• Civil action = case brought by a person or company against someone who has done them wrong

• Criminal action = case brought by the state against someone who is charged with a crime

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