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Add, Adding, Addition and Additional

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Ad : noun : advertisement

Add : verb :

(a) To put figures together to make a total, to add interest to the capital

• Interest is added monthly.

(b) To put things together to make a large group

• We are adding to the sales force.

• They have added two new products to their range.

• This all adds to the company's costs.

• This makes the company's costs higher.

Add Up : verb : to put several figures together to make a total, to add up a column of figures

• The figures do not add up.

• The total given is not correct.

Add Up To : verb : to make a total

• The total expenditure adds up to more than £1,000.

Adding : noun : which adds or which makes additions

• An adding machine

Addition : noun :

(a) Thing or person added

• The management has stopped all additions to the staff.

• We are exhibiting several additions to our product line.

• The marketing director is the latest addition to the board.

(b) in addition to = added to or as well as

• There are twelve registered letters to be sent in addition to this packet.

(e) Putting numbers together

• You don't need a calculator to do simple addition.

Additional : adjective : extra which is added

• Additional costs

• Additional charges

• Additional clauses to a contract

• Additional duty will have to be paid.

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