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Address and Addressee

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Address : noun : details of number, street and town where an office is or a person lives

• My business address and phone number are printed on the card.

Accommodation Address = address used for receiving messages but which is not the real address of the company

Cable Address = short address for sending cables

Forwarding Address = address to which a person's mail can be sent on

Home Address = address of a house or flat where someone lives

• Please send the documents to my home address.

Address List = list of addresses

• We keep an address list of two thousand addresses in Europe.

Address : verb :

(a) to write the details of an address on an envelope, etc.

• To address a letter or a parcel

• Please address your enquiries to the manager.

• A letter addressed to the managing director

• An incorrectly addressed package

(b) to speak : to address a meeting

Addressee : noun : person to whom a letter or package is addressed

Addressing Machine : noun : machine which puts addresses on envelopes automatically

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