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Adjust, Adjuster, Adjustment and Adjustor

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Adjust : verb : to change something to fit new conditions

• To adjust prices to take account of inflation

• Prices are adjusted for inflation.

Adjuster : noun : person who calculates losses for an insurance company

Adjuster : noun =Adjustor

Average Adjuster = person who calculates how much of an insurance is to be paid

Adjustment : noun : act of adjusting, slight change

• Tax Adjustment

• Wage Adjustment

• To make an adjustment to salaries

• Adjustment of prices to take account of rising costs

Average Adjustment = calculation of the share of cost of damage or loss of a ship

Adjustor : noun = Adjuster

QUOTE : Inflation-adjusted GNP moved up at a 1.3% annual rate (Fortune)

QUOTE : Saudi Arabia will no longer adjust its production to match short-term supply with demand (Economist)

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