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Admission, Admit, Admittance and Adopt

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Admission : noun :

(a) allowing someone to go in

• There is a £I admission charge.

• Admission is free on presentation of this card.

• Free admission on Sundays

(b) saying that something really happened

• He had to resign after his admission that he had passed information to the rival company.

Admit : verb :

(a) to allow someone to go in

• Children are not admitted to the bank.

• Old age pensioners are admitted at half price.

(b) to say that something is correct

(c) to say that something really happened

• The chairman admitted he had taken the cash from the company's safe.

NOTE : admitting & admitted

Admittance : noun : allowing someone to go in

• No admittance except on business

NOTE : no plural

Adopt : verb : to agree to (something) or to accept something

• To adopt a resolution

• The proposals were adopted unanimously.

Ad Valorem : phrase : showing that a tax is calculated according to the value of the goods taxed

• Ad Valorem Duty

• Ad Valorem Tax

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