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Advance and Advantage

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Advance : noun :

(a) money paid as a loan or as a part of a payment to be made later

• Bank advance

• A cash advance

• To receive an advance from the bank

• An advance on account

• To make an advance of $100 to someone

• To pay someone an advance against a security

• Can I have an advance of $50 against next month's salary?

(b) in advance = early or before something happens

• To pay in advance

• Freight payable in advance

• Price fixed in advance

(c) early :

• Advance booking

• Advance payment

• You must give seven days' advance notice of withdrawals from the account.

(d) increase :

• Advance in trade

• Advance in prices

Advance : verb :

(a) to lend:

• The bank advanced him £ 10,000 against the security of his house.

(b) to increase

• Prices generally advanced on the stock market

(c) to make something happen earlier

• The date of the AGM has been advanced to May 10th.

• The meeting with the German distributors has been advanced from 11.00 to 09.30 am.

Advantage : noun : something useful which may help you to be successful

• Fast typing is an advantage in a secretary.

• Knowledge of two foreign languages is an advantage.

• There is no advantage in arriving at the exhibition before it opens.

• To take advantage of something = to use something which helps you

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