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Advice, Advise and Advisory

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Advice : noun :

(a) advice note = written notice to a customer giving details of goods ordered and shipped but not yet delivered

• As per advice = according to what is written on the advice note

(b) opinion as to what action to take

• To take legal advice = to ask a lawyer to say what should be done

• The accountant's advice was to send the documents to the police.

• We sent the documents to the police on the advice of the accountant.

• We took the accountant's advice and sent the documents to the police.

NOTE : no plural

Advise : verb :

(a) to tell someone what has happened

• We are advised that the shipment will arrive next week.

(b) to suggest to someone what should be done

• We are advised to take the shipping company to court.

• The accountant advised us to send the documents to the police.

Advise Against : verb : to suggest that something should not be done

• The bank manager advised against closing the account.

• My stockbroker has advised against buying those shares.

Adviser or Advisor : noun : person who suggests what should be done

• He is consulting the company's legal adviser.

• Financial Adviser = person or company which gives advice on financial problems for a fee

Advisory : adjective : as an adviser

• He is acting in an advisory capacity.

• An Advisory Board = a group of advisers

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