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Affair, Affect, Affiliated and Affirmative

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Affair : noun : business or dealings

• Are you involved in the copyright affair?

• His affairs were so difficult to understand that the lawyers had to ask accountants for advice.

Affect : verb : to change or to have a bad effect on (something)

• The new government regulations do not affect us.

• The company's sales in the Far East were seriously affected by the embargo.

QUOTE : The dollar depreciation has yet to affect the underlying inflation rate. (Australian Financial Review)

Affiliated : adjective : connected with or owned by another company

• One of our affiliated companies is …

Affirmative : adjective : meaning yes

• The answer was in the affirmative.

• The answer was yes.

• US affirmative action program = programme to avoid discrimination in employment

NOTE : the GB equivalent is equal opportunities

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