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After-Hours, After-Sales Service,
After-Tax Profit & Against

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After-Hours : adjective : after-hours buying or selling or dealing = buying or selling or dealing in shares after the Stock Exchange has officially closed for the day

After-Sales Service : noun : service of a machine carried out by the seller for some time after the machine has been bought

After-Tax Profit : noun : profit after tax has been deducted

Against : preposition : relating to or part of

• To pay an advance against a security

• Can I have an advance against next month's salary?

• The bank advanced him £I 0,000 against the security of his house.

QUOTE : Investment can be written off against the marginal rate of tax. (Investors Chronicle)

QUOTE : The index for the first half of 1985 shows that the rate of inflation went down by about 12.9 per cent against the rate as at December last year. (Business Times - Lagos)

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