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  1. Senescence begins and middle age ends the day your descendants outnumber your friends.
    (Ogden Nash : 1902-1971)

  2. You can tell when you are getting older, so they say, when the policemen begin to look younger.
    (Neville Stack)

  3. It is not the thing you do
    It is the thing you leave undone
    Which gives you the bit of heartache
    At the setting of the sun.
    (Margaret E. Sangster)

  4. When my boat was sturdy and safe
    I had no thoughts of the shore
    Now with a boat so ravaged
    Who can dream of a shore?
    (Sheri Bhopali)

  5. Becoming 50 gives me more yesterdays than tomorrows.
    (Bill Clinton : Former President of USA : on his 50th birthday on 19.8.96)

  6. Life to the age of 20, I owned clothes, pride and appetite,
    From 20 to 50, I brought home everything I fancied and could afford,
    From 50 to 60, I sat, looked, enjoyed what was mine,
    From 60 to 70, I found enjoyment in giving my possessions away,
    Now at 70, I find only three possessions worth keeping
    My Bible, spectacles, false teeth.
    (A. Marais)

  7. Friends made way to companions
    Sons and daughters crossed my path
    Grandchildren played with me
    As with a toy that often went out of order
    Here now, on the verge of seventy
    Unsatisfactory husband, irate father
    Ugly, old, much misunderstood man
    I begin to philosophise on my failures
    And sprout platitudes
    Those have lost all meaning
    On a life that is almost over
    With too little to show.
    (Srinivas Rayaprol)

  8. (Three faces in a mirror the poet sees)
    His own,
    The grey-haired man's
    Whose life policy has matured,
    And the mocking youth's
    Who paid the first premium.
    (Aravind Krishna Mehrotra)

  9. .......... Life hath become to me
    An empty theatre, its lights extinguished,
    The music silent and the actors gone.
    And I alone sit musing on the scenes
    That once have been. I am so old that Death
    oft plucks me by the cloak to come with him.
    And some day, like this lamp, shall I fall down
    And my last spark of life will be extinguished.
    (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow : 1807-1882 : Michael Angelo)

  10. There was so much you longed to do
    And now three-quarters through
    What time is left
    You realize you have hardly scratched
    The surface of the world
    So much has been left undone it appals
    And there is so little time before
    A greater darkness calls
    (Brian Patten : Armada)

  11. Crabbed age and youth cannot live together.
    Youth is full of pleasance. Age is full of care.
    Youth like a summer morn. Age is like winter weather.
    Youth like summer brave. Age is like winter bare.
    Youth is full of sport. Age’s breath is short.
    Youth is nimble. Age is lame.
    Youth is hot and bold. Age is weak and cold.
    Youth is wild. Age is tame.
    (Shakespeare : The Passionate Pilgrim)

  12. It's paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone.
    But the idea of getting old doesn't appeal to anyone.
    (Andy Rooney)

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