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Agency : noun :

(a) office or job of representing another company in an area

• They signed an agency agreement or an agency contract.

Sole Agency = agreement to be the only person to represent a company or to sell a product in a certain area

• He has the sole agency for Ford cars.

(b) office or business which arranges things for other companies

Advertising Agency = office which plans or designs and manages advertising for companies

Employment Agency = office which finds jobs for staff

Estate Agency = office which arranges for the sale of properties

News Agency = office which distributes news to newspapers and television stations

Travel Agency = office which arranges travel for customers

NOTE : plural is agencies

Agent : noun :

(a) person who represents a company or another person in an area

• To be the agent for IBM

Sole Agent = person who has the sole agency for a company in an area

• He is the sole agent for Ford cars.

Agent's Commission = money (often a percentage of sales) paid to an agent

(b) person in charge of an agency

• Advertising Agent

• Estate Agent

• Travel Agent

• Commission Agent = agent who is paid by commission, not by fee

• Forwarding Agent = person or company which arranges shipping and customs documents

• Insurance Agent = person who arranges insurance for clients

• Land Agent = person who runs a farm or a large area of land for the owner

(c) US (business) agent = chief local official of a trade union

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