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Agree and Agreement

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Agree : verb :

(a) to approve

• The auditors have agreed the accounts.

• The figures were agreed between the two parties.

• We have agreed the budgets for next year.

• Terms of the contract are still to be agreed.

• He has agreed your prices.

(b) to say yes or to accept

• It has been agreed that the lease will run for 25 years.

• After some discussion he agreed to our plan.

• The bank will never agree to lend the company £250,000.

• We all agreed on the plan.

NOTE : to agree to or on a plan

(c) to agree to do something = to say that you will do something

• She agreed to be chairman.

• Will the finance director agree to resign?

Agree With : verb :

(a) to say that your opinions are the same as someone else's

• I agree with the chairman that the figures are lower than normal.

(b) to be the same as

• The auditors' figures do not agree with those of the accounts department.

Agreed : adjective : which has been accepted by everyone

• An agreed amount

• On agreed terms

Agreement : noun : contract between two parties which explains how they will act

• Written agreement

• Unwritten or verbal agreement

• To draw up or to draft an agreement

• To break an agreement

• To sign an agreement

• To witness an agreement

• An agreement has been reached or concluded or come to.

• To reach an agreement or to come to an agreement on prices or salaries

• An international agreement on trade

• Collective wage agreement

• An agency agreement

• A marketing agreement

• Blanket agreement = agreement which covers many different items

• Exclusive agreement = agreement where a company is appointed sole agent for a product in a market

• Gentleman’s agreement = verbal agreement between two parties who trust each other

QUOTE : After three days of tough negotiations the company has reached agreement with Its 1.200 unionized workers. (Toronto Star)

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