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Allow : verb :

(a) to say that someone can do something

• Junior members of staff are not allowed to use the chairman's lift.

• The company allows all members of staff to take six days' holiday at Christmas.

(b) to give, to allow someone a discount

• To allow 5% discount to members of staff

• To allow 10% interest on large sums of money

(c) to agree or to accept legally

• To allow a claim or an appeal

Allow For : verb : to give a discount for or to add an extra sum to cover something

• To allow for money paid in advance

• To allow 10% for packing

• Delivery is not allowed for = delivery charges are not included

• Allow 28 days for delivery = calculate that delivery will take at least 28 days

Allowable : adjective : legally accepted

Allowable Expenses = expenses which can be claimed against tax

Allowance : noun

(a) money which is given for a special reason

• Travel allowance or travelling allowance

• Foreign currency allowance

• Cost-of-living allowance = addition to normal salary to cover the increases in the cost of living

• Entertainment allowance = money which a manager is allowed to spend each month on meals with visitors

(b) part of an income which is not taxed

• Allowances against tax or tax allowances

• Personal allowances

• Wife’s earned income allowance = tax allowance to be set against money earned by the wife of the main taxpayer

(c) money removed in the form of a discount

• Allowance for depreciation

• Allowance for exchange loss

Allowed Time : noun : paid time which the management agrees a worker can spend on rest or cleaning or meals, not working

QUOTE : Most airlines give business class the same baggage allowance as first class. (Business Traveller)

QUOTE : The compensation plan includes base incentive and car allowance totalling $50,000. (Globe and Mail - Toronto)

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