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Alternative, Altogether, A.M., Amend and Amendment

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Alternative : noun : thing which can be done instead of another

• What is the alternative to firing half the staff?

• We have no alternative = there is nothing else we can do.

Alternative : adjective : other or which can take the place of something

• To find someone alternative employment = to find someone another job

Altogether : adverb : putting everything together

• The total strength of the staff of the three companies in the group comes to 2500 altogether.

• The company lost £2m last year and £4m this year making £6m altogether for the two years.

A.M. : adverb : in the morning or before 12 midday

• The flight leaves at 9.20 a.m.

• Telephone calls before 6 a.m. are charged at the cheap rate.

Amend : verb : to change and make more correct or acceptable

• Please amend your copy of the contract accordingly.

Amendment : noun : change to a document

• To propose an amendment to the constitution

• To make amendments to a contract

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