An Academic Paper with Headings and Visuals

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An Academic Paper with Headings and Visuals :

If your instructor allows you to vary the form of your papers from the norms established by MLA or APA, you can choose different fonts for the title and the headings. You can use Helvetica, a sans serif font that is frequently used for titles and headings in textbooks and magazines. Additional headings later in the paper would also be in the Hel¬vetica font. Note too that the caption under the picture is set in italic.

Some Suggestions :

• Ask your instructor ahead of time whether it is acceptable to vary the fonts you use. If not, carefully follow the conventions of the form your instructor prefers.

• If you have the freedom to do so, think about how you can use fonts, pictures, graphics and charts effectively. Keep your audience and purpose in mind as you decide what will be appropriate and effective.

• Traditional serif fonts - Courier, Times, Bookman and so on - are usually best for the body of your paper because they are easy to read. Then you could put the title and headings in a sans serif display font such as Helvetica or Futura.

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