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An Application Letter :

Application letters need to get to the point immediately. Specify y in the first paragraph the job for which you are applying. Then move on to say what qualifies you for that job. You want to sound confident and positive without seeming to exaggerate your accomplishments. Thus your focus should be strictly on facts. Try to leave out adjectives that might seem boastful. Somewhere in the letter, you need to say something about the company that speaks to why you wish to work there. What is it about the company that matches something special about you?

Some Suggestions :

These suggestions cover the format of the letter. For general suggestions concerning content, You can read our suggestions for further study.

• Begin with a full salutation, using a specific name and title if possible and the name and address of the company or organization. If you're writing to a woman, use Ms. rather than Miss or Mrs.

• Keep the letter to one page, leaving one-inch margins all around and double-spacing between paragraphs.

• Close with a formal Sincerely or Yours truly and sign your letter with your full name written over your typed name. Proofread the' letter carefully and get someone else to check it for you. A perfectly done application letter may not get you an interview, but a sloppy one will almost certainly keep you from getting one.

• Enclose your resume with the letter.

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