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Announce, Announcement, Annual and Annualized

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Announce : verb : to tell something to the public

• To announce the results for 1984

• To announce a programme of investment

Announcement : noun : telling something in public

• Announcement of a cutback in expenditure

• Announcement of the appointment of a new managing director

• The managing director made an announcement to the staff

Annual : adjective : for one year

• Annual statement of income

• He has six weeks' annual leave.

• The annual accounts

• Annual growth of 5%

• Annual report = report of a company's financial situation at the end of a year sent to all the shareholders

• On an annual basis = each year

• The figures are revised on an annual basis.

Annual General Meeting : noun : meeting of all the shareholders when the company's financial situation is discussed with the directors

Annualized : adjective : shown on an annual basis

Annualized Percentage Rate = rate of interest (such as on a hire purchase agreement) shown on an annual compound basis

Annually : adverb : each year

• The figures are updated annually.

QUOTE : Real wages have risen at an annual rate of only 1% in the last two years.(Sunday Times)

QUOTE : The remuneration package will include an attractive salary, profit sharing and a company car together with four weeks annual holiday. (Times)

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