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Apply, Applicant and Application

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Apply : verb :

(a) to ask for something, usually in writing

• To apply for a job

• To apply for shares

• To apply in writing

• To apply in person

(b) to affect or to touch

• This clause applies only to deals outside the EEC.

Applicant : noun : person who applies for something

• Applicant for a job

• Job applicant

• There were thousands of applicants for shares in the new company.

Application : noun : asking for something, usually in writing

• Application for shares

• Shares payable on application

• Attach the cheque to the share application form

• Application for a job

• Job application

• Application form = form to be filled in when applying

• To fill in an application (form) for a job

• A job application form

• Letter of application

• Letter in which someone applies for a job

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