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Appoint, Appointee and Appointment

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Appoint : verb : to choose someone for a job

• To appoint James Smith to the post of manager

• We have appointed a new distribution manager.

NOTE : You appoint a person to a job

Appointee : noun : person who is appointed to a job

Appointment : noun :

(a) arrangement to meet

• To make or to fix an appointment for two o'clock

• To make an appointment with someone for two o'clock

• He was late for his appointment.

• She had to cancel her appointment.

• Appointments book = desk diary in which appointments are noted

(b) being appointed to a job

• On his appointment as manager = when he was made manager

• Letter of appointment = letter in which someone is appointed to a job

(c) job

• Staff appointment = job on the staff

• Appointments vacant = list (in a newspaper) of jobs which are available

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