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Apportion, Apportionment, Appraise, Appraisal,
Appreciate and Appreciation

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Apportion : verb : to share out (costs)

• Costs are apportioned according to projected revenue.

Apportionment : noun : sharing out of (costs)

Appraise : verb : to assess or to calculate the value of something

Appraisal : noun : calculation of the value of someone or something

Staff Appraisals = reports on how well each member of staff is working

Appreciate : verb :

(a) to notice how good something is

• The customer always appreciates efficient service.

• Tourists do not appreciate long delays at banks.

(b) to increase in value

• The dollar has appreciated in terms of the yen.

• These shares have appreciated by 5%.

Appreciation : noun :

(a) increase in value

• These shares show an appreciation of 10%.

• The appreciation of the dollar against the peseta

(b) valuing something highly

• He was given a rise in appreciation of his excellent work.

NOTE : no plural

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