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Approach, Appropriate and Appropriation

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Approach : noun : getting in touch with someone with a proposal

• The company made an approach to the supermarket chain.

• The board turned down all approaches on the subject of mergers.

• We have had an approach from a Japanese company to buy our car division.

Approach : verb : to get in touch with someone with a proposal

• He approached the bank with a request for a loan.

• The company was approached by an American publisher with the suggestion of a merger.

• We have been approached several times but have turned down all offers.

Appropriate : verb : to put a sum of money aside for a special purpose

• To appropriate a sum of money for a capital project

Appropriation : noun : act of putting money aside for a special purpose

• Appropriation of' funds to the reserve

• Appropriation account = part of a profit and loss account which shows how the profit has been dealt with (i.e. how much has been given to the shareholders as dividends & how much is being put into the reserves etc.)

NOTE : no plural

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