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Area : noun :

(a) measurement of the space taken up by something (calculated by multiplying the length by the width)

• The area of this office is 3,400 square feet.

• We are looking for a shop with a sales area of about 100 square metres.

(b) region of the world

• Free trade area = group of countries practising free trade

• Dollar area or sterling area = areas of the world where the dollar or the pound is the main trading currency

(c) subject

• A problem area or an area for concern

(d) district or part of a town

• The office is in the commercial area of the town.

• Their factory is in a very good area for getting to the motorways and airports.

(e) part of a country & a division for commercial purposes

• His sales area is the North- West.

• He finds it difficult to cover all his area in a week.

Area Code : noun : special telephone number which is given to a particular area

• The area code for London is 01.

Area Manager : noun : manager who is responsible for a part of the country

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