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Argue, Argument, Around, Arrange and Arrangement

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Argue : verb : to discuss something about which you do not agree

• They argued over or about the price.

• We spent hours arguing with the managing director about the site for the new factory.

• The union officials argued among themselves over the best way to deal with the ultimatum from the management.

NOTE : you argue with someone about or over something

Argument : noun : discussing something without agreeing

• They got into an argument with the customs officials over the documents.

• He was sacked after an argument with the managing director.

Around : preposition : approximately

• The office costs around £2,000 a year to heat.

• His salary is around $85,000.

Arrange : verb :

(a) to put in order

• The office is arranged as an open-plan area with small separate rooms for meetings.

• The files are arranged in alphabetical order.

• Arrange the invoices in order of their dates.

(b) to organize

• We arranged to have the meeting in their offices.

• She arranged for a car to meet him at the airport.


• You arrange for someone to do something.

• You arrange for something to be done or you arrange to do something.

Arrangement : noun :

(a) way in which something is organized

• The company secretary is making all the arrangements for the AGM.

(b) settling of a financial dispute

• To come to an arrangement with the creditors

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