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Arrears, Arrive, Arrival and Arrivals

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Arrears : plural - noun : money which is owed but which has not been paid at the right time

• Arrears of interest

• To allow the payments to fall into arrears

• Salary with arrears effective from January 1st

• In arrears = owing money which should have been paid earlier

• The payments are six months in arrears.

• He is six weeks in arrears with his rent.

Arrive : verb :

(a) to reach a place

• The consignment has still not arrived.

• The shippment arrived without any documentation.

• The plane arrives in Sydney at 04.00.

• The train leaves Paris at 09.20 and arrives at Bordeaux two hours later.

NOTE : You arrive at or in a place or town, but only in a country

(b) to arrive at = to calculate and agree

• To arrive at a price

• After some discussion we arrived at a compromise.

Arrival : noun : reaching a place

• We are waiting for the arrival of a consignment of spare parts.

To await arrival = note written on an envelope to ask for it to be kept safe until the person it is addressed to arrives.

Arrivals = part of an airport dealing with passengers who are arriving

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