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  1. I have lived seventy-eight years without hearing of bloody places like Cambodia.
    (An arrogant remark by Winston Churchill (1874-1965) : Prime Minister of U.K. : 1940-45 & 1951-55)

  2. We do not leave so great a void in society as we are inclined to imagine, partly to magnify our own importance and partly to console ourselves by sympathy. Even in the same family the gap is not so great. The wound closes up sooner than we should expect.... People walk along the streets the day after our deaths just as they did before and the crowd is not diminished. While we were living, the world seemed in a manner to exist only for us for our delight and amusement, because it contributed to them. But our hearts cease to beat and it goes on as usual and thinks no more about us than it did in our lifetime. The million are devoid of sentiment and care as little for you or me as if we belonged to the moon.
    (William Hazlitt : 1778-1830 : Table Talk)

  3. One who thinks he can live without others is mistaken.
    One who thinks others cannot live without him is more mistaken.

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