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Article, Articled and Aside

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Article : noun :

(a) product or thing for sale

• to launch a new article on the market

• a black market in luxury articles

(b) section of a legal agreement

• See article 8 of the contract (c) articles of association or US articles of incorporation = document which sets up a company and says what work it will do.

• Director appointed under the articles of the company.

• This procedure is not allowed under the articles of association of the company.

Articled : adjective : articled clerk = clerk who is bound by contract to work in a lawyer's office for some years to learn the law

Articulated Lorry or Articulated Vehicle : noun : large lorry formed of two parts the second pulled by the first

Aside : adverb : to one side or out of the way

• To put aside or to set aside = to save (money)

• He is putting £50 aside each week to pay for his car.

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