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Ask, Ask For and Asking Price

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Ask : verb :

(a) to put a question to someone

• He asked the information office for details of companies exhibiting at the motor show.

• Ask the salesgirl if the bill includes VAT.

(b) to tell someone to do something

• He asked the switchboard operator to get him a number in Germany.

• She asked her secretary to fetch a file from the managing director's office.

• The customs officials asked him to open his case.

Ask For : verb :

(a) to say that you want or need something

• He asked for the file on 1984 debtors.

• They asked for more time to repay the loan.

• There is a man in reception asking for Mr Smith.

(b) to put a price on something for sale

• They are asking £24,000 for the car.

Asking Price : noun : price which the seller asks for the goods being sold

• The asking price is £24,000.

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