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Assay Mark : noun : mark put on gold or silver items to show that the metal is of the correct quality

Assemble : verb : to put a product together from various parts

• The engines are made in Japan and the bodies in Scotland and the cars are assembled in France.

Assembly : noun :

(a) putting an item together from various parts

• There are no assembly instructions to show you how to put the computer together.

Car Assembly Plant = factory where cars are put together from parts made in other factories

NOTE: no plural

(b) meeting

NOTE : Plural is assemblies.

Assembly Line : noun : production system where the product (such as a car) moves slowly through the factory with new sections added to it as it goes along

• He works on an assembly line.

• He is an assembly line worker.

Assess : verb : to calculate the value of something

• To assess damages at USD $ 1,000

• To assess a property for the purposes of insurance

Assessment : noun : calculation of value

• Assessment of damages

• Assessment of property

• Tax assessment

• Staff assessments = reports on how well members of staff are working

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