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Asset : noun : thing which belongs to company or person and which has a value

• He has an excess of assets over liabilities.

• Her assets are only £640 as against liabilities of £24,000.

Capital Assets or Fixed Assets = property or machinery which a company owns and uses

Current Assets = assets used by a company in its ordinary work (such as materials, finished goods, cash)

Frozen Assets = assets of a company which cannot be sold because someone has a claim against them

Intangible Assets = assets which have a value, but which cannot be seen (such as goodwill or a patent or a trademark)

Liquid Assets = cash or bills which can be quickly converted into cash

Personal Assets = moveable assets which belong to a person

Tangible Assets = assets which are solid (such as furniture or jewels or cash)

Asset Value = value of a company calculated by adding together all its assets

Asset Stripper = person who buys a company to sell its assets

Asset Stripping = buying a company to sell its assets

QUOTE : Many companies are discovering that a well-recognised brand name can be a priceless asset that lessens the risk of introducing a new product. (Duns Business Month)

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