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Attempt, Attend and Attention

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Attempt : noun : trying to do something

• The company made an attempt to break into the American market.

• The takeover attempt was turned down by the board.

• All his attempts to get a job have failed.

Attempt : verb : try

• The company is attempting to get into the tourist market.

• We are attempting the takeover of a manufacturing company.

• He attempted to have the sales director sacked.

Attend : verb : to be present at

• The chairman has asked all managers to attend the meeting.

• None of the shareholders attended the AGM.

Attend To : verb : to give careful thought to (something) and deal with it

• The managing director will attend to our complaint personally.

• We had brought in experts to attend to the problem of installing the new computer.

Attention : noun : giving careful thought

• For the attention of the managing Director

• Your orders will have our best attention.

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