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  • Remember that happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have. It depends solely upon what you think.
    (Dale Carnegie)

  • Begin with praise and honest appreciation. Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders. Make the fault easy to correct. Make the other person happy about doing what you suggest.
    (Dale Carnegie)

  • Pray that you will have good and correct attitudes about all your experiences - be they good or bad.
    (Dallin H. Oaks)

  • Our attitude determines how we evaluate our life's experiences. They determine how we evaluate ourselves. They also govern how we look at other people. Are we inclined to judge an eternal soul by the appearance of an earthly body? Do we see the beautiful soul of a brother or sister or do we only see that person's earthly tabernacle? Bodies can be distorted by handicap, twisted by injury or worn by age. But if we can learn to see the inner man and woman, we will be seeing as God sees and loving as He loves.
    (Dallin H. Oaks)

  • Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity. Successful men act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it becomes a reality. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly and you will be amazed at the positive results.
    (Dupree Jordan)

  • How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. They reflect thinking.
    (David J. Schwartz)

  • An attitude to life which seeks fulfilment in the single-minded pursuit of wealth - in short, materialism - does not fit into this world, because it contains within itself no limiting principle, while the environment in which it is placed is strictly limited.
    (E. E Schumacher)

  • Our attitude towards life determines our attitude towards us.
    (Earl Nightingale)

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