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Automated, Automation, Automatic and Automatically

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Automated : adjective : worked automatically by machines

• Fully automated car assembly plant

Automation : noun : use of machines to do work with very little supervision by people

NOTE : no plural

Automatic : adjective : anything which works or takes place without any person making it happen

• There is an automatic increase in salaries on January 1st.

Automatic Data Processing = data processing done by a computer

Automatic Telling Machine or US Automatic Teller Machine = machine which gives out money when a special card is inserted and special instructions given

Automatic Vending Machine = machine which provides drinks, cigarettes, etc. when a coin is put in

Automatically : adverb : working without a person giving instructions

• The invoices are sent out automatically.

• Addresses are typed in automatically.

• A demand note is sent automatically when the invoice is overdue.

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