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Available, Availability, Average and Averager

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Available : adjective : which can be obtained or bought

• Available in all branches

• Item no longer available

• Items available to order only

• Funds which are made available for investment in small businesses

• Available capital = capital which is ready to be used

Availability : noun : being easily obtained

• Offer subject to availability = the offer is valid only if the goods are available

NOTE : no plural

Average : noun :

(a) number calculated by adding together several figures and dividing by the number of figures added

• The average for the last three months

• The last three months' average

• Sales average

• Average of sales

Weighted Average = average which is calculated taking several factors into account giving some more value than others

On an Average = in general

• On an average £5 worth of goods are stolen every day.

(b) sharing of the cost of damage or loss of a ship between the insurers and the owners

Average Adjuster = person who calculates how much of an insurance is to be paid

General Average = sharing of the cost of the lost goods by all parties to an insurance

Particular Average = situation where part of a shipment is lost or damaged and the insurance costs are borne by the owner of the lost goods and not shared among all the owners of the shipment

Average : adjective :

(a) middle (figure)

• Average cost per unit

• Average price

• Average sales per representative

• The average figures for the last three months

• The average increase in prices

(b) not very good

• The company's performance has been only average.

• He is an average worker.

Average : verb : to produce as an average figure

• Price increases have averaged 10% per annum.

• Days lost through sickness have averaged twenty-two over the last four years.

Average Due Date : noun : date when several payments (due at different dates) are settled in one payment

Average Out : verb : to come to a figure as an average

• It averages out at 10% per annum.

• Sales increases have averaged out at 15%.

Averager : noun : person who buys the same share at various times and at various prices to give an average price

Average-Sized : adjective : not large or small

• They are an average-sized company.

• He has an average-sized office.

Averaging : noun : buying shares at different times and at different prices to give an average price

NOTE : no plural

QUOTE : A share with an average rating might yield 5 per cent and have a PER of about 10. (Investors Chronicle)

QUOTE : The average price per kilogram for this season to the end of April has been 300 cents. (Australian Financial Review)

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