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Award, Away, Awkward and Axe

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Award : noun : decision which settles a dispute

• An award by an industrial tribunal

• The arbitrator's award was set aside on appeal.

Award : verb : to decide the amount of money to be given to someone

• To award someone a salary increase

• To award damages

• The judge awarded costs to the defendant.

• To award a contract to someone = to decide that someone will have the contract to do work

Away : adverb : not here or somewhere else

• The managing director is away on business.

• My secretary is away sick.

• The company is moving away from its down-market image.

Awkward : adjective : difficult to deal with

• The board is trying to solve the awkward problem of the managing director's son.

• When he asked for the loan the bank started to ask some very awkward questions.

• He is being very awkward about giving us further credit.

Axe : noun : stop

• The project got the axe = the project was stopped.

Axe : verb : to cut or to stop

• To axe expenditure

• Several thousand jobs are to be axed.

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