Ballad of The Jelly-Cake

Ballad of The Jelly-Cake :

A little boy whose name was Tim

Once ate some jelly-cake for tea--

Which cake did not agree with him,

As by the sequel you shall see.

'My darling child,' his mother said,

'Pray do not eat that jelly-cake,

For, after you have gone to bed,

I fear 't will make your stomach ache!'

But foolish little Tim demurred

Unto his mother's warning word.

That night, while all the household slept,

Tim felt an awful pain, and then

From out the dark a nightmare leapt

And stood upon his abdomen!

'I cannot breathe!' the infant cried--

'Oh, Mrs. Nightmare, pity take!'

'There is no mercy,' she replied,

'For boys who feast on jelly-cake!'

And so, despite the moans of Tim,

The cruel nightmare went for him.

At first, she'd tickle Timmy's toes

Or roughly smite his baby cheek--

And now she'd rudely tweak his nose

And other petty vengeance wreak;

And then, with hobnails in her shoes

And her two horrid eyes aflame,

The mare proceeded to amuse,

Herself by prancing o'er his

Ballad of The Jelly-Cake