A Word A Day : Callous

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( Adjective )

Pronunciation : kál-less

1. Showing no concern that other people are or might be hurt or upset

2. Emotionally hardened

3. Deficient in human sensibility


14th century. Directly or via French - Latin callosus "hardened by friction" - callus "hard skin

Note:callous or callus? Do not confuse the spelling of callous and callus, which sound similar. Callous is an adjective meaning "insensitive or unfeeling," as in a callous remark. Callus is a noun that usually denotes a patch of thickened skin on the hand or foot.


Heartless, Unfeeling, Uncaring, Insensitive, Unsympathetic, Cold, Cruel, Pitiless, Hard, Thick-Skinned, Cold-Hearted, Hardhearted


Warm-hearted, Lovable

Contextual Examples:

• But, indeed, from what I saw, all these buccaneers were as callous as the sea they sailed on.

Callous as they were to my suffering, they were equally callous to their own when anything befell them.

Related Words:

1. Callously : Adverb

2. Callousness : Noun

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