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  1. Why was this heart of mine formed with so much sensibility! Or why not my fortune adapted to its impulses! Tenderness without a capacity of relieving only makes the man who feels it more wretched than the object which sues for assistance.
    (Oliver Goldsmith : The Citizen of the World)

  2. So long as space remains
    So long as sentient beings'
    Suffering remains
    I will remain
    In order to help,
    In order to serve.
    (The Dalai Lama : A Prayer)

  3. And so I shake myself awake
    from dreams of gods.
    My waking hours are not for them.
    Those I reserve
    for the flawed co-beings of this maimed world
    who need me and whom I need
    to heal hurts that only mortals feel.
    (Vasantha Surya : A Word Between Us)

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