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( Noun )

Pronunciation : kan-tínnyoo-am

1. a link between two things, or a continuous series of things, that blend into each other so gradually and seamlessly that it is impossible to say where one becomes the next

2. a set of real numbers between any two of which a third can always be found, and in which there are no gaps

3. the set of all real numbers


Mid-17th century - Latin continuus - uninterrupted


continuance, continuation, continuity, duration, endurance, persistence, persistency


break, discontinuity, intermittence, interruption, stoppage

Contextual Examples:

• A rainbow forms a continuum of color.

• The basic idea of Continuum is that activating the body's fluid system boosts our creativity, flexibility, and vitality.

• In a famous lecture presented in 1900 at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris, Hilbert placed this assertion, called the continuum hypothesis, at the top of a list of the 23 most important mathematics problems of the new century.

Related Words:

continua: Noun ( Plural )

continuums: Noun ( Plural )

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