Croodlin Doo

Croodlin Doo :

Ho, pretty bee, did you see my croodlin' doo?

Ho, little lamb, is she junkin' on the lea?

Ho, bonnie fairy, bring my dearie back to me--

Got a lump o' sugar an' a posie for you,

Only bring me back my wee, wee croodlin' doo!

Why! here you are, my little croodlin' doo!

Looked in er cradle, but didn't find you there--

Looked f'r my wee, wee croodlin' doo ever'where;

Be'n kind lonesome all er day withouten you--

Where you be'n, my teeny, wee, wee croodlin' doo?

Now you go balow, my little croodlin' doo;

Now you go rockaby ever so far,--

Rockaby, rockaby up to the star

That's winkin' an' blinkin' an' singin' to you,

As you go balow, my wee, wee croodlin' doo!

Croodlin Doo