Discontent Is The First Step In Progress.

Discontent Is The First Step In Progress. :

Greed is always an undesirable thing. But to be ambitious is good. By ambition, it is meant that one should not be contented with the progress he has made in life. He should always long and try for more and more progress. In fact, the world had advanced this much because some people were discontented with the things they had. In the past, people used to walk long distances for their needs. Soon they found that it took up much of their time and energy. So they found an alternative for walking. Thus wheeled carts were devised and carts developed into motor cars in due course. Thus in every field of life true progress has been made by sheer discontentment of some people. This sort of healthy discontentment bears more fruits. The fruits of progress take man’s life nearer and nearer to perfection and happiness.

Discontent Is The First Step In Progress.

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